Ron Wells

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Referrals From Civil Attorneys

Legal Representation, by necessity, is very specialized. In the Civil arena, examples are firms exclusively handling Business Litigation, Insurance Defense and Medical Malpractice clients; however, your clients may be very diverse in their need for representation. Often a non-civil matter must be reconciled individually, prior to or contemporaneous with a civil matter. This is a unique area of representation which often requires a midas touch, and the forethought of Atticus Finch.

Whether an employee, relative or client of yours is under investigation or charged with a crime, I am happy to consult with you, co-counsel or handle a client by direct referral. I have worked successfully with many prestigious law firms and general counsel. I view your referral as a special trust to you the attorney, who has placed your reputation on the line, by making the referral.

My practice is dedicated to the Criminal Courts and after 30 years in the system, the relationships that have developed have become invaluable in representation. The Criminal Justice System is a close knit community and only through time, experience, trust and years of weekly contact with coordinators, judges, prosecutors, agents and other law enforcement is one able to provide the ultimate package of judgment and trial skills to discover the best course for your client to obtain a preconceived calculated result.

Rest assured, your trust in me is always exceeded by your client’s results. Your client will honor your referral and be dedicated to you for future service.

For your convenience, prior to your discussion with your client’s referral, I am happy to give you an overview of the criminal system and possible outcomes for your client. I can also help you prepare strategic consultations and negotiations, case development and trial strategies for business clients or General Counsel with potential criminal infractions. For matters requiring local counsel, referrals for supporting experts, investigations or agencies I would be happy to discuss specifics of each case to match infrastructure required.